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IPPE Gallery

Life is starting to return to some normality, and John, our Managing Director & Founder, and Shannon, our VP for North America, took the opportunity to visit the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, George, in late January.

IPPE is the world's largest annual poultry, meat, and animal food industry event of its kind, and this year 1,121 exhibitors showcased their latest technology and solutions. There were almost 22,000 registered attendees from the poultry, meat, and animal food industry, of which over a fifth came from outside of North America.

The changing perceptions of consumers regarding traceability, certifications, food safety, health concerns and sustainability were key issues of discussion at the show. Part of the keynote address emphasized that consumers want to know what they are eating, where it comes from and how it was produced. Chilling, freezing and tempering are key processes in the production chain, yet many producers cannot confirm that their product exited their factory at the correct, safe temperature. Many producers are using either the wrong chilling/freezing process or the equipment hasn't been designed with full traceability and HACCP procedures in mind.

IPPE Gallery

Your chiller or freezer may be the weak link the farm to fork journey of your product, and keynote speakers at the show were at pains to point out that today's consumers want a guarantee that the food they are consuming is safe for their health and the environment.

Both John and Shannon found the opportunity very educational and a great way to touch base with connections in the industry missed over the last two years and make new connections to help connect Power Food Technology with US industry leaders and regulatory experts.

The one thing that John and Shannon both noted after the show was that the 10 miles of walking through the Georgia World Congress Centre certainly helped work off the Christmas pounds!

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