The most advanced system for the simultaneous chilling or freezing of multiple unpacked food products under controlled conditions. Decoupled infeed and outfeed allows for automated production buffering.


Uniform air flow distribution over and under the product, irrespective of product loading, together with close temperature control ensures balanced chilling or freezing.

Multiple infeed conveyors feed trays with different products into the Tray-Link system simultaneously. On the outfeed side, multiple conveyors automatically transfer trays with the required chilled/frozen products to the various packing stations on demand.

The simple linking mechanism is the key to the unique flexibility of Tray-Link system. The Tray-Link trays can be automatically joined together on each layer allowing any tray to be pushed or pulled from either end of the layer. This gives true independence of infeed from outfeed and results in a very simple and hygienic construction.

The Tray-Link system storage capacity can be utilised for production buffering and accumulation. If the outfeed is stopped for any reason, the infeed continues to accept product. Alternatively, if production is stopped, packing can continue uninterrupted.

Due to the patented linking system there are no mechanisms or chains requiring grease within the product chilling/freezing area of the Tray-Link system. All trays can be moved to either half of the system allowing walk-in access for a full easy wash down. All stainless steel construction.

The Tray-Link is a modular construction, allowing for flexible configuration and future expansion. The infeed ad outfeed positions are also flexible..

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