Is our automated, freezing or chilling, variable retention time (V.R.T.), store for packaged products. The patented tilted shelf provides 20% more efficient freezing performance compared to other competitor systems.


The Pallet-Link offers many customer benefits, including;

An increased energy efficiency, brought from smaller compressor requirements, reduced fan power because of an optimised airflow, and reduced freezing/chilling times by up to 200%.

Assured product quality, by ensuring consistent cooling curves, secure automated product tracking and that with the Pallet-Link system it is possible to isolate and quarantine product. 

Production advantages, decoupling of production from palletizing giving way for independent infeed and outfeed rates, full production buffering, and live production data which help to make better production decisions.

The Pallet-Link system is available in a number of sizes and standard configurations suitable for small or large capacities. Also, the Pallet-Link design is a modular system with easy to incorporate future expansion requirements, the design’s optimum shelf sizing reduces product conveyor requirements, and it has the option for turn-key product handling and palletizing.

Our systems can handle multiple products simultaneously but it is the patented link system which couples the pallet shelves together that allows true independence of outfeeding and infeeding. Any pallet-shelf can either be pushed or pulled independently from either end of the layer which means the infeed is completely separated from the outfeed. This total independence of infeed and outfeed, combined with the unique Power Food Technology management software, is the key to many of the advantages of the Pallet-Link system.

The Pallet-Link system can simultaneously handle many different packs and products limited only by the height of the system. The standard management system can hold the production parameters, control requirements and stock position of 999 different products.

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