Cheese block case packer that has been specially-developed to pack 20kg cheese blocks. Benefits to the customer include reduced off-cuts, improved appearance and shape.


The Power Food Technology Blockmaster has been specially developed to pack 20kg cheese blocks and to overcome the shape and finish problems associated with cheese block production. The consequent benefits to the customer are reduced off-cuts, improved appearance, shape and reduce mould.

The Blockmaster consists of a product infeed conveyor, a case blank magazine, liner magazine and a series of interlocking stations which the successive stages of the packing operation take place. It is a fully self-contained, automatic machine with its own independent onboard PLC controller.

Good design and quality construction, combined with research into customers’ requirements ensure that these benefits are consistently achieved. In particular, the special use of a high compression technique, the blocks are squared during the various stages of the wrapping operation and curd flow to the corners is encouraged. This process eliminates a dished surface on the block, resulting in a minimum trim loss. Also using a unique method of case forming means that the cheese case is kept under tension during the entire wrapping operation. This tension is subsequently maintained long enough to ensure that no malformation of the blocks occurs during storage.

The Blockmaster has been constructed to incorporate a number of features which ensure that it is flexible, reliable, cost-effective, and is easy to operate and maintain. Some of these features include:

  • Variable compression levels to match your specific cheeses.
  • Patented block doming on the top and bottom (to prevent dishing on a cold block).
  • Large capacity case and liner blanks magazine.
  • Stainless steel frame and stainless steel/aluminium contact parts.
  • Precision heavy duty servo drive for a smooth transfer of case and product.
  • Facility to load consumables without interference to machine operation.
  • Simple Venturi unit for vacuum creation.
  • Low pressure air sensor protection device/cut out.
  • On board air receiver to ensure a smooth startup.
  • Machine fault alarm system including flashing beacon and auto diagnostics via panel view.
  • Low-level liner and blank indication. Automatic restart from any fault condition.
  • No liner, no blank and open flap detection systems.
  • The machine can be right or left handed.

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