Recipe driven leak detection unit specially designed in response to our clients' needs for high accuracy leak detection without flow disruption.


The Power Food Technology Leak Detector® has been specially designed to provide leak detection in cheese blocks. The Leak Detector® was developed in response to the needs of our customers, who need a reliable system to check for leaking vacuum on sealed cheese blocks.

Clients were struggling with softer cheese blocks with less curd definition in the sealed bag and with lines running multiple cheese recipes, which requires setup and tuning. The Power Food Technology Leak Detector® is an inline system which can test cheese blocks for leaks without stopping the product flow. The benefits to our clients are 100% of all blocks are tested and the line performance is evaluated with real-time trends on reject rates. 

The Leak Detector® has been constructed to incorporate a number of features which ensure that it is flexible, reliable, cost-effective, and is easy to operate and maintain. Some of these features include:

  • Dual vacuum generators for redundancy.
  • Machine fault alarm system.
  • Easy operator access and hygienic design.
  • Can be tuned to reject under or oversized blocks.
  • Customised to fit into your existing line.
  • The machine can be left handed or right handed.
  • Fine tunes the performance and consistency of your cheese line with real-time analytics.
  • Recipe driven system so different cheese types can be tested with no setup requirements for the operator.


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